Horizontal Briquetting Baler

Horizontal Briquetting Baler

Model No.︰SHB1-WSB

Brand Name︰Sinobaler

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

Sinobaler briquetting balers represent the latest in baling technology, and are the ideal solution to briquetting specific material like sawdust, chopped straw/hay, rice husks, and peanut shells – these materials are difficult to compact or transport (you simply cannot “tie” a bale of such loose material). One solution is to bale and bag them with a horizontal bagging baler. The other solution is to compress them into a hard “briquette” without any packing or strapping, and that’s exactly what this machine does.

The regular shape and consistent hardness of the briquettes makes them easy to transport and stack, saving you time, space, and money. You can even burn some of them for fuel – sawdust briquettes for example. These briquetting balers feature stored-program controller PLC system and a hydraulic lifting door, which enables automatic operation from feeding to bale ejecting. Our briquetting balers are also smaller than you think, and can be mounted almost anywhere. They are widely used in animal feeding/bedding material factories, plant fertilizer factories, farms, etc.

Baling Application: sawdust, chopped straw/hay, rice husks, cotton seeds, peanut shells and other similar loose materials.

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PLC Control System

automates the operation and promotes accuracy.

Hydraulic lifting door
for automatically lifting up to let the bales come out, which promotes operation efficiency and increase output.

Close-end Door

ensures firm briquetted bales.

Automatic Bale Ejecting System

enables labor-free bale ejecting

Electric Controlled
for easy operation, simply by operating on buttons and switches to fulfill platen moving and bale ejecting

Automatic Feeding Conveyor is Optional

for continuous feeding material, and with the help of sensors and PLC, conveyor will automatically start or stop when the material below or above certain position on hopper. This enhances feeding speed and maximize throughput.

CE compliance

For more details, please visit Sinobaler webpage http://www.sinobaler.com/baler/horizontal-briquetting-baler/