Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler

Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler

Model No.︰SVBT2-L2C-400


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler is with the most advanced and most up-to-date design among Sinobaler textile (clothes) baler range, namely Lifting Chamber Baler, Chamber Opening Baler, Swivel Twin Baler, and Twin Box baler. This baler is structured with two baling chambers which are attached to a central pivot, one chamber is used for loading and the other is for baling (pressing and strapping). Attributed to such twin chamber structure, material loading and baling are carried out synchronously, and this bi-task ability greatly promotes work efficiency. Once one bale is ready pressed, the chamber will get a signal and will automatically lift up, revealing the bale ready for wrapping and strapping. By combining the benefits of Lifting Chamber Baler and Twin Chamber Baler, this baler is designed to set new standards in the industry - most efficient, most user-friendly, and most labor-saving. If you are a waste textile exporter or a used clothes dealer looking to make wrapped and cross-strapped neat bales in a simplified and efficient manner, this swivel twin lifting chamber baler is the right way to go.


Baling Application: secondhand clothes, towels, used shoes, rags, fabric, textile fiber and other textile waste.




- Dual-chamber Structure

for carrying out loading and baling synchronously to increase working efficiency

- Lifting Chamber 

for easy operation and promoting work efficiency


- Cross Strapping

for making tight and neat bales 


- Availability for Bale Wrapping

either plastic bags or sheets can be used as the wrapping material, protecting the textile material from getting damp or stained


- High-density Bale   
Platen keeps on pressing until pressing force reaches the maximum pressure value pre-set, making sure the material is thoroughly pressed


- Electric Controlled
for easy operation, simply operating on buttons to run the machine


For more details, visit SINOBALER website at http://www.sinobaler.com/baler/swivel-twin-lifting-chamber-baler/